Medial Research Network

Why use MRN?

MRN is the largest nursing provider in the clinical trials sector, with the widest global coverage and innovative tools to deliver its projects. We specialize in the COMPLEX; studies with large numbers of countries, studies where IMP needs to be delivered in the home, as well as those with challenging patient populations - specifically pediatric clinical trials and rare disease clinical trials.

Our partnering model enables us to provide research nurses in more than 40 countries worldwide. We work with a network of both large and small partners, or employ nurses directly where required for a specialist study, creating nurse teams almost anywhere in the world.

Our Site Nurse Support service provides sponsors and clinical research sites with experienced research nurses to assist with clinical trials at sites. Our site nurse teams are carefully selected, trained and managed for each individual study, providing clinical trial site support in a consistent and professional way, focused on delivering the needs of the clinical trial sponsor while integrating smoothly into the site teams.

Our Home Trial Support teams are also selected, trained and managed for each individual study, conducting trial visits in the patient's home. Reducing the burden on patients directly increases recruitment by 60% or more and typically maintains patient retention at over 95%, as well as reducing the burden on clinical sites.

Site Nurse Support and Home Trial Support can be used together to great effect. Our vision is to conduct clinical research in the community, which reduces the burden on the patient and maximizes the impact of the trial for the pharmaceutical sponsor.

Learn more about our community based trial vision.