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What is Site Nurse Support?

Our Site Nurse Support service places experienced and trained research nurses and study site co-ordinators (SSCs) into sites to overcome resource constraints. MRN specialize in co-ordinating nursing and project teams that can be used to support multiple sites globally across a clinical trial. Our extensive network of professionals means we can provide resources to sites in over 37 countries.

What can MRN’s on-site nurses and study site co-ordinators do?

Our staff can cover all roles and responsibilities expected of a research nurse or trial co-ordinator, including but not limited to:

  •    Database review and patient identification
  •    Pre-screening and screening activities
  •    Manage patient schedules and clinics
  •    Patient assessment – safety and efficacy
  •    IXRS access and entry 
  •    Investigator liaison 
  •    Pharmacy liaison 
  •    (e)CRF completion and query management 
  •    Drug management and administration 
  •    Site file management 
  •    Site paperwork and general administration

Site nurse support projects are varied and we specialize in co-ordination of international teams of nurses working across many sites, offering services from patient identification, dosing and ongoing trial conduct, through to CRF completion and Investigator site file maintenance.


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