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What is Site Nurse Support?

  • Do you need additional site resources to keep up with the workload of a clinical trial?
  • Are you struggling to hit data cut off timelines for your current clinical trials?
  • Would you like to expand the sites you’re working with, but receive push back because of already overloaded site teams?

Our Site Nurse Support Service provides experienced clinical or non-clinical resources into site, to help overcome those challenges.

We can provide resources to:

  • Resource a GP or physician’s office and enable them to function as a site or satellite site
  • Identify satellite sites and feeder sites to boost trial recruitment and/or pre-screening
  • Take a trial naïve site and make them trial experts
  • Undertake focused activity at site or group of sites
  • Increase site capability to identify and recruit subjects
  • Improve consistency across sites and countries
  • Increase the therapy area skill, allowing greater autonomy and expanded skills
  • Extend the service from pre-screening to screening and treatment
  • And all in a model to work for you

The service we provide is all based around what you need, whether that be a clinical nurse on site to complete study visits on a full-time basis, or a non-clinical operative to input data into your eCRF system for 2 hours every 3 weeks – we can support you.

Our extensive network of professionals means we can provide resources to sites in over 37 countries…

How can we help you?

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