Medial Research Network

What is Home Trial Support?

Home Trial Support takes the clinical trial to the patient by conducting visits in the home. Using Home Trial Support reduces the number of visits to site and significantly lessens the burden on patients and their families. This ease of participation directly increases patient recruitment by 60% or more and typically maintains retention at over 95%. Performing a number of visits in the home also lessens the resource burden on clinical sites, allowing them to enter more patients or run more trials.

What can be done in the home? 

Our service enables a range of protocol procedures to be conducted in the patient’s home, from simple blood-draws to complex IMP administration. As a rule of thumb, if a visit doesn’t need a physician to be present and the equipment required is portable, then the visit can be done by a nurse in the home. As studies are initiated, the visit schedule is set up in MRN-SMART – MRN’s unique scheduling, managing and reporting tool - which enables electronic data capture within the patient’s homes.


MRN can support complex IMP administration globally, collaborating with site pharmacy, and in some countries by providing central pharmacy services. IMP can be prepared by pharmacy and shipped to the patient to co-incide with a home visit, shelf life and logistics permitting, or where appropriate shipped and reconstituted in the patients home by the nurse.


Working in partnership with World Courier and its sister companies, we provide an integrated supply chain that improves quality and accountability in the transportation, dispensing and storage of clinical trial products. At the same time, through our broad network of partners, we manage clinical trial protocols, administer patient care and collect essential data in patient homes. You can read more about our partnership here.

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