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Vision and Values


MRN aims to create services to provide a platform for mainstream implementation of community-based clinical trials by 2020, which are designed to speed up clinical trials and make them efficient, bringing drugs to the market quicker for our customers and patients who volunteer to take part in the trials we support.



At MRN, we all work together towards our common goals – in projects with customers and in internal projects. We each have roles to play in teams, but we don’t say “that’s not my job”. We overlap in roles, but we don’t fight for turf.  We have a common purpose, which is the corporate vision – to introduce all the services required to run full trials in the community.


We don’t treat our work as ‘just a job’. We enjoy the challenge and results our work brings, we enjoy the environment in which we work, and we feel empowered and have a sense of responsibility to our customer and to our colleagues. We feel valued, get feedback and have the tools we need to do the job required.


We thrive on innovation – in our services, our processes and in our customer relationships. We look to improve, to innovate, to try new ideas and to become more efficient and more effective – benefiting the customer, the company and our employees. We are an innovation based business continuously looking to push the boundaries of how clinical trials are conducted and how our services work day to day.

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