Medial Research Network

Making COMPLEX Trials Simple

MRN specializes in COMPLEX clinical trials. From studies in oncology, pediatrics or rare diseases, to IMP administration in the patients’ homes and global trials, our solutions are designed to make complex clinical trials simple to conduct.

IMP Administration

We are highly experienced in complex drug administration in the home. The IMP is carefully assessed by our medical and nursing team through review of the Investigator Brochure and discussion with Sponsor research and development and medical teams, in order to recommend which visits can be conducted in the home and which in the clinical sites. We create a home healthcare treatment regime that is attractive to both patients and Investigators, which when offered to patients during the consenting process, leads to dramatically increased patient recruitment rates.


Pediatric Trials

Enrolling children into clinical trials is one of the most pressing, but also the most difficult tasks facing therapeutic research and development teams. Children, perhaps more than any other group, need medical care to cause as little disruption as possible to their education and everyday life, and instil a sense of security. We can provide experienced homecare nurses to conduct clinical trial visits at home, school or college, as long as basic facilities are available. We can also conduct visits in the evenings or at weekends making the clinical trial convenient for patients, parents and carers.


Orphan and Rare Diseases

Clinical trials for orphan and rare disease drug indications are notoriously difficult to recruit into and often require more invasive interventions than traditional therapy. However, adopting home healthcare in rare disease clinical trials drastically improves the quality of life for patients and makes them accessible to patients who may otherwise have to travel large distances to clinical sites.


Global Studies

Providing home healthcare for global multi-center trials is one of MRN's specialities. We have the largest network of nurses globally, covering over 40 countries. Our unique IT, electronic data capture (EDC) and transfer and training systems enable us to start-up large teams of nurses quickly and efficiently, almost anywhere in the world, tracking all visits remotely and in real time.