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How does MRN Manage Home Visits?

Our Home Trial Support process ensures smooth running of homecare services, from consenting a patient to the service on site, through to the transfer of source data to site following the visit.

Home Trial Support Process

How is data reported to sponsors?

Our nurses complete source documents (Visit Report Forms) in the patient’s home using electronic pens. All documents are printed on specialized dot matrix paper, which allows the pen to record the co-ordinates of the pen strokes as the document is completed; once the pen is docked, the co-ordinates are uploaded to a secure portal where site staff can view a PDF image of the source document. Once this has occurred the visit is automatically logged as completed in MRN’s reporting tool MRN-SMART.

Your CRA’s can monitor the source data Visit Report Forms as standard, either by logging in to MRN-SMART to review the data electronically, or by reviewing the hard copy wet ink version that is sent to site by the nurse.

MRN-SMART can produce standardized reports of scheduled and completed visits, as well as Sponsor customized reports that are available to both Sponsor and CRO personnel, via secure login to the portal. This, coupled with regular formal team meetings and teleconferences, ensures the Sponsor has visibility to study progress at all times.

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