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How Can Site Nurse Support Help You?

  • Is subject recruitment taking longer than anticipated?
  • Are the sites you are working with struggling to complete all the study specific tasks, while also providing their normal standard of care?

Having experienced clinical or non-clinical operatives on site can enable faster recruitment, improved trial experience and easier workload management. In real terms, this means:

For the sponsor and CRO:

  • You have dedicated trial resources at the Investigative site(s)
  • Your study benefits from faster subject identification and recruitment
  • The recruitment potential for your sites is clearer
  • The subject enrollment for your sites can increase
  • You have a clearer view of where your Clinical Research Associates need to focus their efforts
  • You have more choice in site selection, potentially opening up large new patient populations

For the site staff:

  • You have dedicated study specific resources to reduce the burden of clinical trials on your team
  • You have an improved subject recruitment rate
  • You have additional support with high through put of subjects
  • You have the potential to increase the number of clinical trials being run through your site
  • You can work on trials that your internal team doesn’t have the relevant experience to support with

For the subject and their families:

  • It is more likely that you can be considered for a trial
  • You have more time with the site staff to complete the procedures and answer any questions you might have
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