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How Can Home Trial Support Help You?

Home Trial Support provides a number of benefits for sponsors and CROs, clinical research sites, and most of all, the patient.

For the patient, their families and carers:

Some of the biggest challenges of delivering a successful clinical study are identifying, recruiting and retaining patients. Developing a strategy that places the patient at the center of your clinical trial is vital for a successful clinical study.

Our Home Trial Support model is truly patient-centric.

  • We can design clinical trials to offer convenient, tailored care.
  • Conducting clinical trial visits in the patient’s home, school or work environment reduces the travel burden patients and their carers or families face.
  • Homecare clinical trials enable participation where otherwise visits may be prohibitive
  • Homecare makes the trial comparative to normal standard of care (i.e. on a marketed product)

Most importantly, it enables a patient to maintain a normal life. Children can still attend school, adults can develop a career and families can enjoy time together.

For the clinical research site:

Clinical research sites are vital for identifying, enrolling and treating patients. Home Trial Support helps to provide their patients with tailored, convenient care, whilst freeing up site resources.

Sites can benefit from:

  • Better, convenient care for their patients.
  • Site staff can focus their time on other activities
  • Increased patient recruitment and patient retention, leads to better site performance.
  • Wider recruitment net per site.
  • Higher patient throughput (as there will be fewer on site visits)

For the Sponsor and CRO:

Providing a patient-centric model through homecare clinical trials gives Sponsors and CROs:

  • A method to provide the patient with convenient, tailored care
  • Enhanced drug compliance – drugs can be administered directly by the nurse, or under their supervision
  • Increased patient recruitment
  • Increased patient retention
  • Patients do not miss site visits, as the nurse comes to them
  • Access to a wider net of patients

Sponsors will also have an advantage over other competing trials, which use the standard on-site visit model. Faster patient recruitment and maintaining retention rates above 95% will also get the product to market faster.

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