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Country Coverage FAQs

1. What are country capabilities in relation to COVID-19?

MRN regularly request the below information from vendors:

- The current National and Local Health Authority Guidance 

- A description of any variations to their National and Local Health Authority Guidance that the vendor is taking

- Information regarding vendor resource/capacity that may impact MRN service

Vendors have provided the requested information and MRN is in regular contact during our normal MRN project mangement processes.  Vendors make MRN aware of individual visit or patient issues related to COVID 19 during these communications and the dedicated Vendor Management team are monitoring changes to country restrictions. MRN are also monitoring the global Clinical Trial regulatory bodies information sites to ensure MRN are following all guidance.

Specific country updates related to customer ongoing studies can be provided by MRN on request. 

2. Can updates be provided on changes to country capabilities for ongoing studies during the COVID-19 crisis?

Specific country updates related to customer ongoing studies can be provided by request to MRN.

3. Are there currently restrictions to Direct to Patient logistics services related to IMP shipment or sample collections?

MRN are working with our logistics partners closely to understand current capabilities per country. Changes are availble through website information and through direct contact with vendors as needed. Currently service is being provided with few limitations but with a reduction in national and cross border flights, shipping routes may become restricted and direct drivers will need to be utilized in some situations. Changes in shipping routes may result in unavoidable cost increases per shipment. 

4. Do MRN have concerns about resources to conduct Home Trial Support visits during the COVID-19 pandemic?

MRN are working closely with our own nursing staff and vendors to understand current capacity and any limitation to service provision. MRN are actively planning back up staff where possible and where national guidelines permit. In our experience health care professionals (HCP) are highly committed to seeing patients and will continue to do so where safe for patient and HCP. Updates will be provided by MRN to customers whose projects are directly affected. 

5. Can MRN ensure IMP shipment if a site pharmacy is closed?

MRN would need to discuss potential options with customers as the impact and solutions would vary per study. MRN's pharmacy expert and project teams are available to discuss as needed.   

6. Can MRN provide information per country status for all MRN services during the COVID 19 Pandemic?

Please contact who will be able to provide current status.


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