Medial Research Network

Case History 1 - Global

Indication: Neurology
Countries: 12 countries 
Sites: 88 sites in total / 84 used homecare
Number of Patients: 972 / 797 used home trial support
Total Number of Visits Conducted: Approximately 4,000


MRN was brought in to support a large international project spanning 12 countries, with a total of 88 sites and 972 patients randomized. The patients were on study for 12-18 months in total, with homecare offered for alternating monthly visits.

In total 82% of the patients were referred to homecare from 94% of the sites who utilized the service.


• Patient recruitment at the sites utilizing the homecare option was 16% better. 
• Patient recruitment was originally planned for 9 months, but completed in less than 6 months, 33% faster than planned. 
• Patient retention was maintained at 96%. 
• MRN consistently completing over 300 homecare visits per month.


Patient Recruitment


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