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MRN are the experts in bringing clinical trials to the patient in their community. We collaborate with the best-in-class when required and recruit and retain the best talent available in our sector.


In a brand new case study 'Utilizing Technology and the Human Touch in Remote Clinical Trials', we share our lessons learned with you from our successful collaboration with Clinical6 to deliver a 100% virtual clinical trial.

MRN and Clinical6 were contracted by a Top 5 Global Pharma company to provide in-home clinical visits and mobile application technology to run a 100% virtual clinical study. The Sponsor conducted this study to determine if there was a difference in compliance between a virtual trial model and traditional trial model. If the findings were equal then this would mean a new and promising revolution for clinical trials. This bold and forward-thinking concept was a one of a kind project that can provide guidance for the rest of the industry.

WEBINAR: What you need to look for: MRN's Insights into Quality, Lessons learned and Experience you need.

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This December, join Andy Brown, VP - Head of Business Quality Development and Paul Bodfish, VP - Corporate Services as they share MRN's continued improvement learnings and other key areas of the business that make us the ideal partners. They will help guide you through the basics of what you want to look for when working with a vendor offering patient visits in the home and define quality.

Both Andy and Paul bring a wealth of knowledge of the pharma industry as well as experience in a range of other industries too. At MRN, they work together to develop our Quality Management system and Continuous Improvement system, allowing us to maintain our high-quality services.

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Don't take our word for it, here is some of theirs:

"My project manager has impressed me with the detailed knowledge she has of MRN and your processes. I'm not sure how long she has worked at MRN, but it is clear she is very aware of MRN's capabilities."

"After a difficult start-up phase, the MRN Project Manager perfectly handled the trial. Provided adequate oversight, responsive, reliable and communicated the appropriate level of details."

"Whatever I am concerned about, whether it be about documenting a particular issue or about nursing supplies, the MRN team are always on top of a resolution."

All customer feedback is received as part of our Quality Maintenance Program.


"What incredible teamwork by both courier and nurse to ensure that the participant received the dose and the visit did not have to be rescheduled; both parties went above and beyond the call of duty. We are very appreciative of MRN and the nurses that conduct the visits for the trial. It is because of their service, that participant burden for the trial can be minimized."

Hear more stories about our incredible nurses going above and beyond the call of duty to care for their patients - read the press release below.

MRN Named in Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain!

Fantastic news that we are incredibly proud to share- MRN has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019. The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), with companies representing over 40 sectors and spanning every country and region across the UK.

Learn more about this award and why we were selected below.


If you would like more information on how MRN can help you with your clinical trial please contact us via telephone on 01908 261 153 for the UK, 0847 779 7857 for the US, or using the link below.