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Sharing Our Expertise on Delivering Decentralized Clinical Trials

For over 14 years we have been providing our industry partners and patients with decentralized clinical trials services. Today, we are sharing our best-practices to deliver the complex efficiently.

Best Practices Whitepaper

Running decentralized clinical trials is complex. Especially when "85% of all clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients, 80% are delayed due to recruitment problems" (, 2019) and the COVID19 pandemic resulted in "almost 53.5% of clinical trials being suspended." (Frost & Sullivan PB21-52 August 2020). We know it's not about making the complex simple, it's about making it happen efficiently and safely. To learn more read our new whitepaper below

What you need to know to develop your strategic approach to DCTs

MRN have successfully delivered over 40,000 decentralized research visits by bringing the clinical trial to the patient.  Learn how to develop your strategic approach to utilizing decentralized clinical trial services from our VP of Global Operations.

Trials@Home: Best Practices from The International Center of Excellence in Remote and Decentralized Trials

MRN are proud partners with the Innovative Medicines Initiative Trials@Home which aims to reshape clinical trial design, conduct and operations by developing and piloting standards, recommendations and tools to define and operationalize remote decentralized clinical trials (RDCTs). To date, this consortium of SMEs, private foundations, academia, and EFPIA members have analyzed over 46 remote studies to develop a list of best practices when building decentralized trials.

This webinar will present the latest results and updates from the IMI, as well as important considerations when developing decentralized strategies for clinical trials.  As frontline solution providers and members of the IMI, MRN and eClinical Health will give insights into how to maximize the value of decentralized solutions.

Improving Patient Engagement & Trial Efficiency

Join our COO, Stuart Redding as he gives insight to our approach to the DCT model continues to move the industry forward. MRN is bringing technology together with in-person professional research nurse visits.

Decentralizing Clinical Trials since 2006

At MRN we understand the complexities of today’s clinical trial environment and the burden this places on patients, clients and sites. Our services are designed to ease these burdens, from community nurses through to investigator site professional support, accelerating patient recruitment and retention. Since 2006 we have worked to maximize the efficiency of clinical trials for drug developers, by improving the patient’s experience, no matter where their community is in the world.Take a look at our evolution, bringing trials to patients.

EVENT: Pharma Integrates. Brave New World.

Join us at the Pharma Integrates Virtual 2020, happening November 17, 2020. Our CEO, Dr. Graham Wylie will be speaking a panel discussion 'Brave New World'. This panel will look at disruptions in clinical research and what the future looks like. Join us, Takeda, tranScrip, Reneo Pharmaceuticals, and more for this expert panel. Sign up now to join us there.