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Benefits of Site Nurse Support

Site Nurse Support provides a site-centric solution to patient recruitment and patient retention issues faced by Sponsors. Additional resources at sites help Sponsors identify and recruit patients faster as well as improve the quality of care provided to patients. Having experienced research nurses or study site co-ordinators onsite also enables trial naïve sites to participate in clinical trials.

For the patient, their families and carers:

  • Increased likelihood of being considered for a trial
  • More site staff time for screening procedures and questions
  • Better standard of care during visits

For clinical research site staff:

  • Dedicated resource to identify patients
  • Better patient recruitment rates per study
  • Help with high throughput of patients
  • Potential to conduct a higher number of clinical trials
  • Ability to work on trials they may otherwise not be able to conduct

For the Sponsor and CRO:

  • Dedicated resource for your clinical trial at the Investigative site
  • Faster patient identification and patient recruitment
  • Clarity of site recruiting potential
  • Potential higher patient enrolment per site
  • Clearer view on where to focus efforts of Clinical Research Associates (CRA)
  • More choice in site selection
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